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Hardcover Journal | Malachite


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Every busy professional must have a bullet hardcover journal notebook where vital things may be personally organized. Our Malachite Hardcover Journal is perfect for this purpose.

Its cover print is inspired by the malachite gemstone, with its unique and abstract shades of green and black. It is perfect as a daily planner and organizing schedules and reminders with a 5.75″ x 7.5″ dimension and its 112 lined pages. Keep your notes and tasks organized by jotting them down in this single bound notebook. This will help you browse over them quickly and help you find tasks faster.

The design of this journal notebook might not be like that of a traditional organizer. Aside from its unique design, it is handy to bring along anywhere so you can jot down impromptu notes or make last-minute schedule adjustments. 

Running a business is a big responsibility. Hence, it is important to be organized with your tasks and schedules. The best way to do this is to make a bullet journal to note important appointments, notes, reminders, and tasks to fulfill. With our Malachite Hardcover Journal, organizing your activities will be easier. And with its attractively unique print, you may close a deal or two with impressed clients!


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