Blue Hydrangea Stickers – Planner Stickers


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Blue Hydrangea Planner Sticker

Each Pack includes 2 sheets of Blue Hydrangea Stickers and 1 sheet of “Love You”, “Miss You” Stickers

Each Sticker Sheet is 5.5″ x 8″

Schedules can be confusing and stressful. Most of us use an organizer or a planner to keep tabs on our tasks and chores. Not only that, important meetings and appointments must be tracked and planned, too. However, to most people, it can be confusing and chaotic, not to mention boring.


Leave chaos and confusion behind with the help of our product, the Blue Hydrangea Stickers ─ Planning Stickers.


Most planners look dull and unattractive. It can dampen your spirit and lose interest in doing things. Liven up your planner by using these monthly planner stickers to add color and life to it. You will feel perky and alive just by looking at your eye-catching and pretty planner.


Decorating your planner with these cute planner stickers will make you want to look at it more often, making sure that everything written on it will be met and accomplished.


This product comes in packs. Each pack includes two sheets of Blue Hydrangea stickers and one sheet of “Miss You” and “Love You” stickers.


Important tasks and events will not be missed or forgotten because of these beautiful planner stickers. It will make you want to visit and take a peek at your planner or organizer every once in a while. How can you forget and neglect tasks and important occasions when you have a planner as attractive and pretty as the one with the Blue Hydrangea planner stickers?


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